The company «GFS Mechanics» was established in Germany as a subsidiary production of Andrytz group. The Board of Directors of Andrytz decided to open up a new direction for the car parts producing. The first product were high-tech steel break pads GFS. Due the fact that the production was taken in China, Andrytz set the most affordable prices on the aftermarket, not inferior in quality to peers.

Nowadays, the company has 2 highly mechanized factories in China. Total production capacity is over 3000 tons per year. High quality of manufactured goods is confirmed by global standard (ISO9001), which GFS pads match. The company offers its customers an extensive range of products for the American, European, Chinese, and Korean car's brands.GFS  Brake pads are set for the following brands: AUDI, CHEVROLET, CHRYSLER, CITROEN, DAEWOO, BMW, FORD, HYUNDAI, LANCIA, LEXUS, MAZDA, HONDA, MERCEDES-BENZ, LAND ROVER, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, VAUXHALL, OPEL, SKODA , SMART, SUBARU, SEAT, SUZUKI, VOLVO, VOLSWAGEN and others. The company manufactures pads not only for passenger cars but also for heavy vehicles, buses and others. Every year GFS brand is gaining popularity because of a decent quality, wide product range and reasonable prices.


"To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's

tools". Advanced equipment is the foundation of product quality.

In order to realize first-class quality of products, our factory has introduced modern production and processing equipment, so that the products meet advanced technical requirements and reach international quality.

We always believe that quality control must be throughout every aspect of production and inspection. Strict inspection and control are carried out in each link of our products from the beginning of mold development procurement of raw materials to finished products. We all strive to be more professional and rigorous in product self—inspection at each process and post, and In full inspection of semi-finished and finished products! We keep in mind that it is security and quality that matter,

In addition, we must strictly control product quality, maintain the stability of product performance and the aesthetics of product appearance, and enhance the duality awareness at employees, which is the key to the pursuit of competitive advantages of the enterprise. We improve quality awareness of our employees through ways such as dissemination of quality information among employees, words and deeds of the corresponding workshop leaders, demonstrations and illustrations, regular training and publicity on the importance of product quality and operating essentials, and establishment of quality systems and quality improvement programs.

Main Market:

USA, South America, Southeast Asia, Mid-east and European and etc.

With right of self—managed import and export. GFS Mechanics has sold its products to over 50 countries and regions. Numerous customers have one common characteristic. that is, pursuit of perfect quality. which is also GFS's unremitting pursuit. Due to common values orientation. GFS and these customers have become good partners of mutual benefit and common development.


Product's formulation.

Less metal Formula

A product belonging to the less—metal system of our company with a stable friction performance — FF level, moderate hardness, beautiful appearance, lime dust, steady brake, no noise and good comfort, very good in each index. Neither smoking nor peculiar smell may occur in high—temperature brake. and its service life is not shorter than 30 thousand km.

NAO Formula

A product belonging to MAC formula system of our company, which is free from dust contamination and featured by little abrasion, low noise and long service life, with FF-level friction performance,

steady and comfortable brake and relatively high price.


Ceramic Formula

A product belonging to the ceramic formula system of our company, having a relatively high friction coefficient, smooth and steady brake, thermal stability, small thermal recession, little dust, comfortable brake and no noise, without lowering brake performance under the conditions of high temperature nor damaging the dual disc, so as to lower the maintenance cost; having a featured appearance: brake pad of this formula is better than traditional brake pad.

Non-asbestos less-metal Formula

A product belonging to non-asbestos less-metal formula at our company,mainly made from such reinforced friction materials as steel fiber. mineral wool. etc, with FF—level performance which is very stable; bringing little abrasion to brake pad; having moderate hardness. no noise and moderate service life, mainly applied to small passenger vehicles.

Less Metal Bus Formula

A product belonging to the less—metal system of our companyt soft and comfortable, with FF—level friction performance, steady brake, little dust, no noise and moderate service life: which is the optimal choice for passenger vehicles and widely applied to various buses.

Bus and Heavy Truck Formula

 A product belonging to the semi—metal formula system at our company. with a high lriction coefficient and thermal stability, performing excellently with regard to brake under high temperature; mainly applied to buses, trucks and other heavy vehicies.



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